The Fishing Diary of Arapaima Gigas at AMAZON BKK Part2

July 8, 2017 at Amazon BKK.


Last time I could not catch any Piraruku , hence I come here to be the revenge.


Early morning


Around 8 o’clock

Fish !!!!!!



It is a small alligator gar.
Even then again, a child who is not happy is coming.
Hit lure is the most popular, Jackal gillon at AMAZON BKK.
I reworked and cast it, but, no-byte.


Feeding time 9:00 am


After then, feeding time starsts.
Even though I get a lot of bit by fish ,
However, they are not on the hook.

And finally I fish,
What? What?
Is it a big one??



It is a big alligator gar which is more than 130cm.
As I forcefully land a fish, my snap became broken.



I’m lucky that I did not lose my lure because the lure was off after a fish was entered in to the net.
The precious DEPS BULLSHOOTER Jr. was almost gone.
This rod is for Snake head Fish in Japan and rod power is too heavy power.
I need more stronger snap than broken one.



Remove the extended snap from the wire leader and attach Bombada Ovo # 4.
I guess this will not be stretched out even by fighting against powerful fish..

After all, at the feeding time it was only one big alligator gar .

Crying! !!!!


Fishing in the afternoon


Then, I can not catch it at all. It’s hot and it’s getting a bit disgusting.

I start my lunch.

I always put rice into Tapper and take a frozen retort of Yoshinoya beef .
Protein is necessary for fighting with monster fish.
It is good to make lunch box hotter like microwave as I put it under the sunshine.

As I am getting full and while sleeping on a chair, holding a rod and leaving a lure in the bottom of the pond …

While sleeping, the fish bites my lure .

It seems BIG FISH!!!!

It is a strong feeling.

The line is going out from drag of reel.
Hey fish, how long do you keep swiming?
I am so tired.
After a few minutes fighting,

Muscle fish, it is Red Tail Cat Fish.

It was so powerfull like heavy tunk.

I took a rest for 10minites because so tired.



Hit lure is Imakatsu JAVAGILL 110.
After that, before the afternoon feeding time, I hit!,

But it is an alligator gar, again.
Hit lure is VIOVEX Joint Gill 116.
This lure is cheap, but I can catch fish ,and the swimming movement is so well.
Recently, I can catch only an alligator. but I do not know the reason .


I can not catch any Piraruk yet today and last time,also.
In two consecutive, I will not be able to Piraruku in crossing my mind.

I only have to bet on the afternoon’s feeding time.


Feeding time 4:00 pm


So, I has kept you waiting so long time .
At the feeding time. I finally hit a pirarucu.
From the drag, PE line is going out steadily .
This fish must be big. I have to catch this fish at any rate.
During fighting ….
Oh my god! it has be hooked off, again.

Perhaps the lure was hooking on the outside of the mouth, so I think that the lure has been hooked off from the fish with a head shake of Piarucu like snake.
I am so dissapointed.
Until now, there are no Pirarucu fishing in two consecutive . I am afraid that is this going to happen this time?
But still, I have time.


Last Chance at Evening


The feeding time is over and the pond regains the silence.
Even if there are several bits, I caught an alligator gar again.
I do not have time, so I did not take a photograph of Alligator gar.
At around 6:30 pm, when there is a tremendous sound at the top of the water, my rod draw a large arc. It is definitely Pirarucu.
It is definitely Pirarucu’s head shaking like a snake.
It is the last chance in time.
I can not let it go.



I finally caught a  Pirarucu of about 150 cm.
I’m so grad.
Well, it is a cool fish.
It was amazing at the TOP WATER.
I was relieved to avoid no Pirarucu twice in a row.
Again, I was able to Pirarucu with the rod of LUXXE B710XXH Big Lake Master Ultimate.
I can catch a lot with this rod . It is like a godly existence when troubled.
Hit lures? What? What?
It is a secret.
The reel is Abu Ambassador 5501 CS ROCKET which is tuned up by Best Tackle in Japan.
Line is Sanyo Nylon PE GT-R 80LB
Let ‘s aim for Pirarucu without giving up to the end.

Thank you very much.

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