The Fishing Diary of Arapaima Gigas at AMAZON BKK Part3

12 August  2017 at Amazon BKK Pirarucu Fishing Diary


Arrive at 6:30 AM


I have been in a month to come here.

This time I decide to fish  three Pirarucu by myself..

I will fish a pirarucu at least in the morning at feeding time.

I will fish a pirarucu at least in the evening  at feeding time.

And except feeding time, I will fish a pirarucu.

Well then, I will start fishing..

The first thing in the morning is to attack with TOP WATER type lures. I also aim at the fish in front of the live cage of Tilapia, ,but there is no reaction at all. For some reason today the fish activity seems to be low.

It is a premonition that it is going to be a tough day today.

There is no reaction at all · ·


Feeding time at 9: 00AM


Even though I always aim for it at the top of the water , fish are not gathering at around top of water any more.

I gave up TOP early and changed to VIOBEX Joint Gill 116 which is a sinking type of lure.


HIT !!

However, it got hooked off soon.

As it was a hit like a gar, I’m going to cast again with “I’m okay” and then I cast it afterwards

There is nothing around. Unfortunately I could not fihs any Pirarcu again even if  it was at the feeding time.

After that, a manager here will be in 2 hours? something???

What? What?

he said something in English and Thai language.

I did not understand well


Feeding time at 11:00AM.


It seems that it means “I will start feeding time for you in two hours.”

Usually it is twice a day in the morning and evening, but it is feeding time also in the daytime. It is Lucky.

Today the customer is four with me and one of them is a women.

Is it a special service to women?

I have to recover from the NO FISH in the morning …


Fish does not come at all. Are you already full with breakfast?

I give up Top type of lure quickly, continuing to cast the JACLAL GILLON which is sinking type of lure.

But it is also no good at all.

Not even biting at this time,  NO FISH again ·····


Free time between 11: 30AM and 4: 00PM


I think that there is no choice only to fish by myself instead of feeding time,and cast, cast, cast.

There were 2 small bits.

Even though I hooked for a moment, I got off quickly. I think that it is probably a Alligator gar. Recently I have fished Alligator gar too many,so I am not interested in Alligator gar. The aim is only Pirarucu.

About 13:00, casting to mid of  the pond, I was waiting till the lure reach the bottom of pound.

The moment when I retrieve, I fish!

And it is intense bit. However, I mistake, drag of reel is almost in the full lock state .

It is ABU Ambassador 6001, it is so minor reel.

It is difficult to buy drag washer to just fit. And I forcibly attached the washer to the reel. That is Heneda Craft Strong Drag Washer.



Memory that last fishing was not effective.

However, it was working so much that the drag effect was very good.



A tooth form is attached to the head of the lure, and it becomes sad when I see it.

I think that it was probably Pirarucu.

I missed valuable bytes.

Again I was  regretting


And feeding time at 4:00 evening


As before feeding time, I felt the pond has been already lively.  The fish knows feeding time is coming soon.

It seems that fish is coming close to us.

I thought that expectation was great.

I have a feeling that Pirrucu comes especially to the surface layer.

As always, change to TOP type lure, then cast.

At the feeding time, I can fish a Pirarucu by TOP type of lure easily.

In rare cases the Alligator gar comes, but TOP type of lure is the best to catch Pirarucu reliably.

At the bottom, catfish are caught with considerable probability. If you aim for catfish, you had better catch it at the bottom.

After a while, the appearance of the lure disappears with the sound of bit at TOP Water.

I could hook on the pirarucu’s mouth .

I can retrieve easily.   … … What! ! !

It was a small Pirarucu less than 1m.



It was a kid or something. But it is real Pirarucu.

I have finally gotten a fish..

After all, in the evening feeding time, I fish only one .

It does not go to three Pirarucu of goals.

There is no choice but to fish by yourself at the evening good time


Evening between 5:00PM and 6:30PM


At around 6:00PM

There is a big sound in front of me at the top of water.

It is intense predation tone by pirarucu.

(No matter how many times I listen, this predatory sound is exhilarating, exacting.It is fun to fish with this predation sound that will not be compared with Snake head in Japan.)

Moreover, it is about 3 m in front of me.

But as I forgot to return the clutch of the reel.

Line become like below photo.



I can not use this PE line anymore , tears, tears.)

It is not going well.I might not hook on the mouth of the fish, and I can not use drag anymore.

I rush up to turn on the clutch and hook up again and hook again. Luckily fish was hooked.

However, if the fish swim powerfully , the yarn feeder will stop because of the backlash, the rod will be broken or the line will break, or the reel will be broken.

The line is PE No.6 (80 LB).

Hence,this line will not break easily.

In any case, neither fish nor my wallet is good.

Fortunately, since I did HIT in front of my eyes, I put my fingers on the spool and  stopped the feeding of line.And I could forcibly do the landing fish.

It is quite big Pirarucu. It is about the same size as my height (by the way, I am 168 cm).



Normaly this size of Pirarucu is so powerfull.

I need more time to do land the fish.

But this time I could catch it soon.

If it made a mistake a step, my rod and reel will be broken, and it will become NO FISH.

The rod is LUXXE B710XXH Big Lake Master Ultimate(made by GAMAKATSU in Japan) which is always safe and stable. It is ROD-like existence to help you when you are in trouble.

The reel is ambassadeur 5500 CS which is already tuned up.

Hit lure is a secret.

But I felt once again that this rod is really a excellent one. The ability to be able to turn such big one almost without using drag is amazing. I was really helped by the rod.

Thanks to GAMAKATSU! Thanks! !



I think that i have a still time to fish one more.but the administrator will go to Bangkok from now on ,so I was called STOP FISHING.

Oh my god! but it can not be helped.

Today I could not reach the target of 3 ZPirarucu, but I had a nice day.

It is as hard as ever. I can not catchthe fish easily at this fishing pond quite well, but I feel comfortable when I can catch it somehow.

Thank you for reading until the end.

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