The Fishing Diary of Arapaima Gigas at AMAZON BKK Part1

Arapaima Fishing At AMAZON BKK


Nice to meet you.

I have just started my blog.

I have stayed in Bangkok with my family 3 years ago from Japan.

The first blog of fishing is July 2, 2017, the place is AMAZON  BKK in Thailand. It is a fishing pond where we can fish the monsters.

My aim is Pirarucu (Arapaima).

Fishing start was at 6:30 AM.

After casting a few.

A fish was hooked .



It was not so powerful.



It was an alligator gar of about 1 m.

I was little bit disappointed.

This was not my aim.

Lure is from Japan, It is a JAVAGILL produced by IMAKATSU , I struggled to obtain it. Because it is new and the demand is so high.I looked for it in web,and finally got it.
This is sinking,but I tuned floating by myself.

Today I was pleased with fishing easily because JAVAGILL looks real bluegill and I expected that they might bite to it many times but I could not catch it any more after that.

In this pond there are two feeding time which is held around 9 o’clock in the morning and around 4 o’clock in the afternoon.
It is an event that scatters tilapia’s bait and it makes the fish raise the activity of the fish .The fish will mistake the lure as real baits.
Hence we can fish easily by the lure.
It is a precious special time.

Here, I changed the lure from a sinking one to a floating one which is Bullshooter Jr which is made by DEPS from Japan.

Because floating is sometime easier able to get the Pirarucu than sinking.

But today it seemed Pirarucu was not swimming to the surface layer so much.
I continued persistently ,but no-attacked.

And then I gave up to use a floating and change Lure to GIRON which is made by JACKALL and is sinking.

Slowly retrieving.



Was this really Pirarucu?

I expected.

Well, I felt something was slightly different from pirarucu,,,, However, from the drag PE line went out quickly.

It was considerable power.



It was Pangasius sanitwongsei who came up.

It is a catfish of Thailand.

While I was doing that, the special time was over and with reverberation remaining, completely rethinking ,I continued casting a Giron.

Hooked again!!!!!!!

Coming finally……..

I thought that this kind of strange head shaking like a snake would be definitely Pirarucu.


I hooked off it after fighting for about 30 seconds.

I missed valuable fish with regretting.

After that it was no-bite, It was getting hotter and hotter,.

So, I gave up catching Pirarucu and went home without waiting for the afternoon feeding time. Pirarucu would be next time revenge.


This is a tackle introduction.


As this pond there are only fishes of such amazing power that can not be thought of freshwater fish in Japan, please refer to my tackle if you start fishing monsters like Pirarucu.




Huge Custom H2N – 64R produced by DEPS Japan



Three pieces, but it is enough potential to fish a monster fish. It looks cool too.




Old Abu Ambassadeur 5001 Big A made in 1973



This reel has already been OH and added 2 ball bearings by REEL YA PIKARESQUE in Osaka Japan.

This shop is a famous tuner of reel in Japan.

Even though old reel,it will be able to be smooth and very comfortable.

Handle is modified to Titanium one produced by Haneda Craft.

Drag Washer is modified to strong one produced by Haneda Craft.

It is good to wind the No. 6 PE more than 100 m, tough and maintenance is easy.

With the genuine handle, it will be bent immediately by Pirarucu.

It is also important that appearance is cool as well.


Reel oil


I always use IOS – 01PRO and IOS – 02PRO.


It can make old reel work well.

Reel grease

Shimano Reel Spray Grease Protects elderly reel drag gear.




Sanyo Nylon PE No. 6 It is for Snakehead fish in Japan.

It was sold 10 years ago.



Please do not worry, it’s old but new. We need more than 50LB for a monster fish.




VARIVAS Shock Leader Nylon 100 lb + Monster Pro Shop Monster Wire Reader

Sometimes without a wire leader, 100 lb of nylon is cut.

I think that it is caused by sharp teeth of alligator gar.



FG knot. This knot is the strongest.


Split Ring


Bombada Forte # 2, # 3 This is also overwhelming strength.




OWNER Stinger ST66. Even this, it is rarely stretched.



Worm hook


GAMAKATSU Elite Tourer 316R. 5/0

This time ,hit lures are as per below .




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