Ultimate formative beauty! ️ Abu Cardinal 33 IOS Full Tuned

Abu Cardinal 33 Mamiya OP Revival Edition


I has been  a little interested in the spinning reel of the old shape of Abu before. But I did not know the name, etc.

I knew the existence of the reel called Cardinal 444 at a certain time and the usual my greed came.

After I checked it well, I thought it seems difficult to actually use for fishing. There are no tuning parts, etc., I feel like I’m full of trouble with real.

As I investigated further, I found that the spinning reel that is Cardinal 33 was abundant in its after – parts, and now It still receiving great support from active fishing fans and stream fishing fans.

As I understood it, I bought it immediately. However, I felt it was difficult to use for fishing because of a reel of old design.

I knew that various tuning parts were sold from IOS company which was always indebted with oil and I started to remodel immediately.



  • C system
  • Canaria Spring System
  • Premium Wood Handle Knob
  • Line roller hyper gold color
  • Bale reinforced spring



I bought it, tried installing it immediately.

It is full tune with IOS parts.

Plus, I bought a ball bearing “SHG-1680HH” for pinion gearfrom Hedgehog Studio Company.

Genuine Abu always paints a lot of grease on the gear. So I attached a parts cleaner to a cotton swab, removed grease and incorporate the parts

Because the structure is simple, I could easily incorporate them.

In order to remove the ball bearing, special tools are required, so this time I put oil on the ball bearing and will exchange it for the next time.



Line winding


I tried to wrap PE 2 on a reel, but I can not wind it in parallel. It has become like a pudding.

There is also a function that can improve the pudding by changing the pin position in the C system, but it seems that it can not be improved perfectly.

I took it out quickly and replaced it with the hole on the top.



As a result, it became considerably parallel winding, but it is still a bit  in the pudding state.

I studied variously. And it seems to be improved by placing the washer on the ball bearing of the pinion gear.

In the mail order company of CAAR, you can purchase items that are parallel spiral spacers. It is JPYEN1080 with two washers. It’s a little expensive, but it can not be helped.

Next time, I will incorporate it during ball bearing replacement.


Feeling after tuned-up


Combined with the effect of removing the extra old genuine grease and coating IOS grease, IOS – 01 Oil, IOS – 02 Oil on the gear, Cardinal 33 clearly became a smooth rotation feeling. The sound of the Canaria System is also very good ,very well.

The return of veil came back more clearly than normal. Before remodeling, it was not a sharp return, but now it is sharp.

It is an old design reel, but it makes obviously a very good feeling after I remodeled it.

It looks like just changing the handle knob and line roller are gold, but It is a full tuneed Cardinal 33.

For now I recommend IOS full tune.

Actual fishing report will be sent at a later date. I am concerned about the drag of the C system and the performance of the line roller.

Is there no line trouble, drag smoothly with big fish?

First of all, we will fight against Barramundi  at PILOT 111 Fishing Pool in Thailand.

When I go back to Japan temporarily, I would like to make a debut in mountain streams fishing and management fishing areas.

Full Tune Cardinal 33 is almost the same price as Shimano reel “Vanquish”.

However, the  performance of Shimano is much higher than the performance of Cardinal 33 full tuned.

But I love cardinal 33.



Thank you very much for the end.

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